Basic Add-On Configuration Question

I realize this is a very basic question, but I seem to missing how to start. I installed the pi-hole add-on ( inside a docker container) and when I open the webui I get a message that says “Failed host check” for my FQDN. I can access it via the internal IP, but I always use my FQDN instead. A quick search tells me I need to “edit my configuration file and add the virtual host.” Here comes the dumb question… what is the configuration file?

I found a few files that look like what I’ve seen people paste configuration from, and I edited those, but when I then restart the add-on, the file reverts itself and removes my virtual host entry.

What’s the proper path to use to find the configuration file for an add-on? Thanks!

I renamed this topic because as I’m reading more, it seems like many add-ons have a configuration file. But I’m failing to find the path on my pi server where this would reside. Do I make the file, or is there typically one already?


As with most add-ons - the config file is edited on the add-on details page. Click on Pi-hole on your page and scroll to the bottom.

It’s too obvious there! Thanks!