Basic Command + Door Sensors

So I read through the thread about the zwave changes (PSA: Upcoming Z-Wave JS changes and Z-Wave certification - how it impacts you) but I seem to be missing something still

All my zwave door/window sensors have gone haywire. Their open/close sensor entity is no longer updating. Instead there is a basic light that turns on/off based on the door/window sensor state

The heck? Everything I read talks about the CC basic light being not needed but I don’t see anything about a random shuffle of sensor state

Also, every single node went to “Unknown manufacturer/product” in zwavejs – they had been fine before!

Zwave had always felt a little more brittle somehow and I was planning on jumping off to zigbee but I hadn’t replaced a critical set of sensors so this is super frustrating >_<

Oh and one of the motion sensors had it’s motion sensor state vanish. Shit had been stable for like 7 years -_-

have you tried reinterviewing the devices? Sometimes changes in the driver require a reinterview