Basic Installation questions from a new user

  1. The Home Assistant options are very confusing. Searching for Home assistant help keeps leading to HASSIO instructions. My understanding is that Home Assistant can be installed on MAC (which I’ve done), HASSIO can’t be installed on Mac without virtualisation software and Hasbian is for Raspberries, not MAC. is this correct?

  2. Is it normal to see a bunch of errors during the install process for Home Assistant - even if it discovers devices after the install is completed?

  3. If you run Home Assistant on MAC, does the server still run when the MAC is locked?

  4. Is it possible to run add-on components like SAMBA (which runs on HASSIO) on home assistant on Mac?

  1. Yes. Instead of searching though, try reading the documentation
  2. Depends on the errors
  3. Yes
  4. Add-ons are specific, if you were running in a VM then you could, but if you’re running a manual install there will be other options.
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