Basic MQTT Example

Has anyone gotten this Basic MQTT Example to work?

Followed it to the letter, service and enity both show up. but when I change the state via

  "new_state": "some new state"

nothing changes in the state

my conf looks like this

# configuration.yaml entry
  topic: talk

and my looks like this

import homeassistant.loader as loader

# The domain of your component. Should be equal to the name of your component.
DOMAIN = "talk_to_me"

# List of component names (string) your component depends upon.

CONF_TOPIC = 'topic'
DEFAULT_TOPIC = 'home-assistant/talk_to_me'

def setup(hass, config):
    """Setup the Talk To Me MQTT component."""
    mqtt = loader.get_component('mqtt')
    topic = config[DOMAIN].get('topic', DEFAULT_TOPIC)
    entity_id = 'talk_to_me.last_message'

    # Listener to be called when we receive a message.
    def message_received(topic, payload, qos):
        """A new MQTT message has been received."""
        hass.states.set(entity_id, payload)

    # Subscribe our listener to a topic.
    mqtt.subscribe(hass, topic, message_received)

    # Set the intial state
    hass.states.set(entity_id, 'No messages')

    # Service to publish a message on MQTT.
    def set_state_service(call):
        """Service to send a message."""
        mqtt.publish(hass, topic,'new_state'))

    # Register our service with Home Assistant., 'set_state', set_state_service)

    # Return boolean to indicate that initialization was successfully.
    return True

Are you publishing to the right topic? What if you call the service?

I got it working. Thanks

But, How did you got it working ??