Basic question re infrared control via GC100

Can I create a web page (or several) (on my server?) with links (e.g. “TV On”, “AVR Off”) to send commands to a GC100? If so, where would I find the syntax for said commands/links?

Yes. This has been discussed in the forums indirectly. Basically call the gc100 component from a HASS script. The script will appear on the GUI.

Thanks for the response, bbrendon. I’m a complete noob with no idea how to call the gc100 component but if I understand you correctly, what you’re suggesting will bring up buttons within the HA GUI. Is that right? I’m actually looking to click a link on a totally separate web page and have it execute a hass script.

In other words, I want to create my own GUI with full control over the layout, button graphics, background image, etc.