Basic questions/"moves" in Razberry

Hello. I am new to HASS.
I have some questions that I can not find the answers in the forum.

I succeed to add an Aeon minimote and a Zipato Bulb in the system. See the image bellow:

1 How can I turn on/off the light from the minimote
2 How can I dimm the light/bulb from the minimote
3 How can I remove a Z-Wave device that is not exists anymore (the node id
9, node name: Zipato Unknown: type=0002, id=0003 in my case)?

Thank you.

1 and 2 = automation…

3 = click the configuration panel on the left and navigate to the Zwave options.

mf_social I am a beginner.

The 1 and 2 are not helping me (yet) and about point 3 the Z-Wave option are working only for devices that exists and can be removed from Z-Wave network by active exclusion.

I want to make a passive/offline exclusion. I do not have some of the devices. From where I can delete them (can I remove them from yaml)?

Thank you.

I linked to slightly the wrong page, you want the page that is linked to in the first line…

I can’t explain it any better than it is explained in there, you need to create an automation with a trigger and an action, in the case of your Q1 - trigger is button pressed on the remote, action is turn on the light. Q2 - action is button pressed on the remote, action is dim the light.

It can look overwhelming at first, but just work your way through it.

As for Q3, I’m not sure off the top of my head. You can certainly hide them, but somebody else will have to help you with removing them completely as my Zwave stuff is currently disconnected from the system.

Without factory resetting you can’t remove it completely, but you can hide it using customize.

For the second, see this cookbook example.

The first:

alias: 'Bedhead turn on'
initial_state: 'on'
  platform: event
  event_type: zwave.scene_activated
    scene_id: 1
    entity_id: zwave.yourminimote
  - service: light.turn_on
      entity_id: light.yourlight

You will have to change the entity_id values to fit your environment. The Scene ID will need to match what your minimote sends. See here for a list and example automations.

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