Basic Questions on integrating Honewell Thermostats

I just had a new furnace system installed, and it came with a Honewell T6 Pro Wi-Fi Thermostat.
The thermostat instructions say use an app from Residio (which is very basic and poorly written).

I came back here to perform the integrations that I had looked up before and found Honewell. This article describes Honeywell integration Following the instructions to add an integration, I am offered “Honeywell Lyric” and “Honeywell Total Connect Comfort (us and europe)”
I tried “Honeywell Total Connect Comfort US”. It prompts for credentials for
I go there and create an account. I get to the step of “Register Device” It asks for MAC address of the thermostat. Below is a drop-down of how to find the MAC on various devices. The list includes

  • Redlink Internet Gateway
  • Wi-Fi VisionPro 8000
  • Wi-Fi VisionPro
  • Wi-Fi FocusPro
  • W-Fi Smart Thermostat RTH9580WF

None of those are my T6 Pro Wi-Fi. (Although the VisionPro 8000 photo looks similar).

I also looked at the Lyric integration (although the term Lyric is not found in anything that came with the T6 Pro). It asks for Oauth credentials.

It is confusing that the T6 Pro had me create an account at and use their app, but the integration guide references Are two independent companies selling thermostats under the Honeywell brand name?

Can I integrate the T6 Pro, or do I have to buy something else?

Same problem here. I’ve tried every possible combination of app, API and creds that I can with no success. Looking forward to seeing a solution.

I was in the exact same situation. A hodgepodge of crappy apps and sites without clarity of what’s what and what you need. The app could not find the thermostat. I even did some packet capture but decided it was not worth to keep spending time on this. Forget about tech support. Ended up selling both thermostats on eBay and getting Venstars. Never looked back.

If you want to stick with Honeywell better buy the Zwave version.

Given no other options, I went ahead and tried to integrate the T6 Pro as a “Lyric” device. I followed the instructions here: Honeywell Lyric - Home Assistant

The first step is “Go to the developer site and register with an account.”
The URL is, but the page has “Resideo” on the top.
I was able to log in with the account I created when I first attempted to install the Android App. The app failed trying to create an account, so I went to and created an account. I turns out the App uses an entirely different authentication domain and accounts (even though it is branded “Resideo”), but the account I had created on worked for the developer login.

The process worked as documented. I logged in at, and was able to see my T6 as an available device. I created the new app, gave it a name, and submitted. I was immediately approved, and I could click on the name and see the keys that needed to be entered into the HA oauth fields.

I agree that everything related to Honeywell is very poorly thought out and confusing. @odwide captures it succinctly - “A hodgepodge of crappy apps and sites without clarity”
One more vote to put anything with the name “Honeywell” (whatever it really is) on the “not recommended” list.


Want to note that you can control Honeywell home nicely via smartthings integration.