Basic requirements for the new 2.0 iOS companion app?

I can’t get past the “invalid client id or redirect uri” error on the new app that dropped on my iPhone today. I’ve looked at the troubleshooting docs and forums, and have not yet found a solution. My goal, have an iOS app that lets me control my local-only instance of Hassio while I’m on the same network. Is this no longer possible with 2.0?

The Setting Up part of the Getting Started (“Welcome”) page on the companion web site it says:

Providing your Home Assistant instances is correctly set up for remote access you should be able set up the Companion App from any location. However, if you’re connected to the same network as your Home Assistant it will be automatically detected during set up.

  • I am not using Cloud (aka Home Assistant Cloud), or any other remote access configuration
  • Since I’m not using remote access I don’t have the http integration, so I don’t have the base_url setting that is part of http.

Appreciate any guidance on requirements anyone can share.

That normally means you have IPV6 issues. Check here

Thanks for the reply. I looked at that, but I don’t know what to do with it. My log does not mention any OS Error as that guide mentioned, so it doesn’t seem to apply. My log says:
2019-11-27 08:57:17 ERROR (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.auth.indieauth] Timeout while looking up redirect_uri

If I do need to look at IPv6, I’m not sure where to even start. Is the issue in HassIO/HassOS? Is it router related? Is it something in my config files?

I have a basic Pi running HassOS connected to my WiFi network (An Apple AirPort, last version).

EDIT: I fixed my SSH issues and was able to run the curl test command from my server. It reported a connection error, which seems to confirm an IPv6 issue. Now I need help researching what to do about that. Appreciate any guidance. I assume this is something wrong on my server itself?

Continued update:
I set my Airport router IPv6 configuration to local-link only (I think this disables IPv6 at the router).
I continued to get errors when running the test curl command, so I restarted (Configuration/Server/Restart).
That did not resolve the issue so I rebooted my Pi.
At that point my whole home wifi network stopped working (none of my devices could connect). It no longer recognized my wifi connection password. I restarted all devices, router, isp modem, etc. and that seemed to fix the wifi connection issue.
The curl command continued to fail. However, it seems I’m now able to use the app. Perhaps that curl command is specific to IPv6, so will always fail if you don’t have a working IPv6 network?

It seems the documentation of the errors and how to accomplish the recommended solutions is rather incomplete at this stage for rolling out such a major update to everyone. Good luck out there.

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