Bathroom faucet integration with bluetooth

hello to everyone, I’m new and i have a question. i was looking into this faucet:

and i was thinking if it was possible to have it integrate with home assistant, i don’t have it but i was interested… someone know anythings? thanks!

This is an integration for a hand shower from a subsidiary company of Hansa. Meybe they use a similar protocol, you could ask the developer if the integration might support it.

Theengs Gateway (HA Add-on) does also recognise and decode the Amphiro/Oras/Hansa Digital Hand Shower, and a faucet made by the same re-branded companies, but the faucet decoder can only get the serial number and battery level from the advertising data, and I’m not sure if it is the same model as yours.

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thanks for the links, it’s a good start to understand it better