Bathroom mirror touch sensor for esp8266 or esp32

Does somebody have actual experience with a touch sensor with LED backlight that will work for a 6 mm thick bathroom mirror and with esp8266 or esp32?

I have a large bathroom mirror with 2 (engraved) touch sensor ereas, surround LED lights (CCT) and a mirror defogger (220v controlled by a relay).

I have removed the original (double) touch sensor, which is a all-in-one PCB with sensors, LED PWM dimming and defogger relay and want to replace that with an esp32 for touch, PWM dimming and defogger relay. CCT LED surround lighting and defogger work fine, but the cheap Aliexpress sensor I am using now is not sensitive enough and does not diffuse the led-backlight for the touch area good enough.

I am trying to mimic this (just our mirror has 2 touch sensors):


I haven’t actually used these with a mirror but a toughened glass panel of about 4mm thickness: HTTM capacitive touch switch (like this one).
Only disadvantage using these is that the light only turns on when you touch the button, i.e. you cannot turn on the light automatically through the ESP.

If possible, could you share some photos or a link of this thing?
Maybe you could repurpose (part of) this thing by using the touch sensor to trigger some ESP setup, and then use your ESP setup to trigger light and defogger… so that to “smartify” the whole thing?

Hi, it’s in the bin. It was not possible to repurpose it (single chip solution with serial communication) and the sensor broke when removing it.

I checked your link but this sensor is exactly the one I tested. It won’t work on the 6mm mirror.

Anybody? I still need a solution that will work behind 6mm mirror glass.

I had success with such a touch sensor behind ~6mm of wood - not sure how it will perform behind your mirror glass…


I have tried those, but they do not seem to work behind 6mm of glas.

Used the same sensor with my mirror. Doesn’t works because always on(

What about an IR sender and receiver?

It might just work if you can aim both sides of the sensor through the etched gaps.

I Am trying the same thing. But still quite noobie with hardware. I have the following touch controller which I want to replace with a esp32 so I can also control it via Home Assistant.
This is what the touch controller looks like:

Anyone has any idea what would be the best steps to follow?

Could it maybe has something to do with the springs that were behind the PCB? That those help registering the push on the button?

I have tried several options and none seem to be sensitive enough to get through 6mm mirror glass and fit within the existing cutout (the etched part for the sensor)

i want to use these sensors for normal switch board my Final Year Project is Server Based Home Automation but i tried Diffrent codes but none of them working with my ESP8266 i need Some Guidence from Your Side Can any one help me to build the code?