Bathroom vacancy indicator light

Hello all

I’m struggling to find a solution, and hopefully some of you can point me in the right direction.

Previously I could always tell if my bathroom was busy by the physical position of the light-switch outside the door. Now, after having equipped the room with Philips Hue bulbs, dimmer and motion sensor, the lightswitch outside the room is always on (for all the automations to work).

What I’m looking for is some kind or LED og Lamp outside the room, that indicates whether the room is occupied or not. These will have to be able to be controlled by HA in some wireless way (automation from the motion sensor inside the room).

I have a couple of SonOFF switches lying around, that could do the job for me, but I cant easily feed them with 220V (Europe) from where I would like the light to be placed. Most optimal would be a little battery powered and wireless (HUE, Zigbee,Zwave?) single LED, but I cant seem to find it on Amazon or eBay.

Maybe because english is not my first language, so I’m unsure of the exact search terms.

Hope someone already have a solution to this.

Thank you for any help.


Why not use

max7219 dot matrix


We just lock the door when inside.


If you have hue - why not change the globe in the “outer room” to a hue bulb also.

You could change that globe to a subtle colour to indicate the bathroom is occupied.

I do agree with nickrout though … we generally lock the door!!

Hello all

Thanks for your more or less usefull replies :grinning:

Actually I might be going for a mixture of them all, letting an Arduino/HUE/SonOff control a dot matrix display and/or a small table ligt outside the door.

I had a brilliant idea yeasterday though. The HUE dimmer switch outside the door, already has a green/amber/red diode build in. I have however not come a cross anywhere, how to control that diode. I’m using @robmarkcole 's custom sensors.

Controlling that light would be exactly what I’m looking for.