Batteries - need recommendations

I need some recommendations for batteries for window blinds turner using 28BYJ48 stepper motors as per this thread - ESPHome - 28BYJ-48 motors with A4988 driver (Working Solution)

The current working configuration has following:

  1. Power supply (12V)
  2. Buck converter
  3. stepper motor (28BYJ48 - 5V)
  4. A4988 driver board
  5. D1 Mini

I’d like to make following changes to working solution:

  1. Remove hard wired power supply with a battery pack (preferably rechargeable)
  2. Design an expansion board to mount D1 and A4998
  3. Print a 3D case for easy mounting near the windows

I’ve very limited experiences with batteries so would appreciate any recommendations on rechargeable battery packs. If you have used any specific batteries that performed well please share a link for the SKU on Amazon, eBay or AliExpress etc.