Battery devices dropping off since 2021.03

my battery devices mainly aquara and a few ikea remotes seem to drop off and stop responding a lot more frequently since updating to 2021.03 releases sometimes i car revive them by prodding them or forcing them in to pairing mode and re adding them but seems to happen daily now

hm, same thing happened to me (twice) with xiaomi/aquara PIR sensor. I did re-pairing and it continued to work.

I repeated this process twice now for same sensor.

I also have xiaomi/aquara HT sensor which did not fail.

I noticed same issue with some Shelly devices, see my other post:

So it looks there is really some not OK with the 2021.3 in regards of battery operated units. The only solution which helps me is going back to 2021.2 which was fine. But for sure hope to see once 2021.3 working as well. Thanks

still have the same issues on version 2021.4

I have just moved from deconz to zha running on 2021.9.4 and noticed the same thing with my xiaomi battery devices. I was recommended to try zha by a friend but for me it’s just too unreliable ! Presently part Reverting to deconz and it’s liveable oddities

I had a switch arroud and removed the IKEA bulbs I had as I read they could be bad repeaters. And funnily enough not had a problem since

I’m been having the same issue with Smartthings Multi-sensor for doors. Something seems to have changed.

Same issue here, all my windor/door sensors were zwave and the action (open /close) is not detected yesterday I got two zigbee ones. First they worked for 10 mins than no action detected, than I integrated them over the zigbee stick (add device) and than they did not response after ~4h or so.