Battery IR blaster

Does anyone know of a battery operated IR Blaster that I can use with HA for controlling my Air conditioner system?

Most one use 5V cables but I dont have wall plugs near the A/C system.


Use of a powerbank could be a way… :wink:

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Have you looked at something like this?

I use a GC-100 to control stereo components in a rack. A blaster also controls the projector which is about 15’ away.

Yes its not optimal, but a solution

This could work, just that ist quite big. Wished there was a small or battery powered blaster.

The wifi2ir is (LxWxH): 3.25″ x 2.25″ x 1.25 (8.25cm x 5.75cm x 3cm)

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This together with a powerbank will do the job just fine…

But you must have at least one more socket in the room.
They are not supposed to be sitting next to each other, they can be in different corners of the room or in some cases even a different room.

Battery powered wifi devices will not work. They will spend more time on charge than in working conditions.