Battery level and battery state duplicate


I have installed for the first time HA, and after I have modified configuration.yaml where I have added ios:.
I have also modified location information (latitude and longitude), and battery level and battery state appear two times, as you can see in the image bellow.
Could you please help me?
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Hello, maybe check known_devices.yaml and .ios.conf for duplicates? Did you change the identifier name after it was setup?

Yes I have changed.
Is there any way to make disappear battery level and battery state?

Yeah, when Home Assistant is stopped, delete the records for the old name from those two files.

I’m kind of new in this field and I need more specific information.
How and what files should I modify?

In the same directory as your config.yaml, delete the section from known_devices.yaml for the old iOS device name. Also in that directory is .ios.conf, which is a JSON file and you should delete the property from the devices object corresponding to the old name. If you don’t mind setting up push notifications on your iOS devices again it may be easier to just delete the whole file.

Thanx, I fixed.

how did you fix this? having same issue but cannot find ios.conf. I’m running HASSIO

It’s .ios.conf which makes it hidden in file managers:


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thanks that worked…

I have duplicate entries for the same device in both the Integrations screen and the Devices screen. I only have one instance of the Home Assistant iOS app on my phone (the beta version). There is no entry in ios.conf for my phone and I deleted the entry in known_devices.yaml but still see the two entries. Do I also need to delete something in .storage too (e.g., device registry, entity registry, etc.)?

I’m experiencing a similar problem now.
Two iPhone’s in the Devices list, but only one in .ios.conf and known_devices.yaml

Try this:

The new app no longer uses either of those files. Please look for mobile_app integrations in Configuration>Integrations