Battery Level and Temperature Offset for Tado

I have two Tado Radiator thermostats. Unfortunately, HA component doesn’t display two important properties: Battery Level and Temperature Offset. It would be great to have them displayed and to be able to change Temperature Offset from HA.

That should be easy because this functionality is supported by Tado API:

curl -s -m 5$DEVICE/ -H “Authorization: Bearer $TOKEN” | jq -r ‘.batteryState’

curl -s -X PUT$DEVICE/temperatureOffset -H “Authorization: Bearer $TOKEN” -H “Content-Type: application/json” -d “{‘celsius’: 1.0}”

See for details.


would be good to implement the possibility to manage different istance for tado for who have more than one house/office to manage.

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You ever got a solution for this? Also need to get the battery level…

No, until they not update how the component work is not possible to add multiple account to HA

Sorry I am talking about the battery level…

Sorry I misunderstand… :slight_smile:

Being able to change the temperature offset of those radiator thermostats would make them way more efficient.

The main problem with Tado smart valves (and probably all the other brands) is that they are located just next to the radiator, which is not a good location for accurate temp measures. There is this “temperature offset” feature which is supposed to solve the issue, but it’s just a bad workaround : when the radiator is hot, setting an offset of, for exemple, -2°C would give me the correct temperature. But when the radiator is cold, the thermostat get a good temperature on its own, so my -2°C offset is no longer needed.
If HA is able to read and modify the temperature offset, we could set some automation to sync this value with an external temperature sensor (like Aqara for exemple). We just need to calculate the difference between the thermostat temperature and the external sensor temperature, and adjust the offset.

I hope my message is clear enough (sorry for my bad English) and that someone could work on this. It would be awesome and solve the main issue of those smart thermostats (according to me :slight_smile: )

That would be a very useful feature. I have implemented it myself in bash scripts (called by Home Assistant every 5 minutes), but it would be great to have it in the component itself.

So is there a way to update the temperature offset from home assistant?
I could create an automation to update the offset based on an external sensor; the problem might be that it normally take a couple of minutes for the thermostat to update its reading; has anybody tried this?

Regarding the battery level: The API only returns only “Normal” for all my devices. As it isn’t a percentage value it’s not very helpful… but better than nothing :slight_smile: As I do use the TADO app to setup the time windows I will get a low battery level notification anyway. But for someone who doesn’t use the app it would be very helpful.

Any updates on this?? I removed my Tado app, but received an email one of my 3 devices has a low battery, but since its name is a serial number and not it’s name I donno which one it is (until I get my last ass from couch and manually check them).