Battery level automations not being triggered?

I have a couple automations that are supposed to trigger when my cell phone and tablet batteries drop below or rise above specific thresholds.

But it appears that HA doesn’t seem to be recognizing the battery level changes.

When I look at the battery level in HA, it does seem to be accurate – but the state trigger isn’t being activated.

During my troubleshooting efforts, I used the developer tools section to change the battery level manually and when I changed it to above to above or below the respective thresholds, the appropriate automation DID fire. This makes no sense to me.

Any ideas?

post the automation you have?

It’s a node red automation (I find the visual nature easier to follow).

When the battery level actually drops below the lower threshold, the debug doesn’t fire. But if I manually change it using the developer tools, it does. The same holds true for the upper threshold. The screenshots shown are for the tablet.


that’s potentially quite pertinent info…

you said

how have you verified that ha isn’t recognizing the battery level changing?

the first thing I would do is to test to see if this statement is actually true… create a simple automation using the ha native UI to trigger off the battery change and see if it fires…