Battery Levels Over 100% for IKEA

All of my IKEA blind battery levels are exactly doubled. They are all increments of 2 going up to 200%. Over 100%, HA fails to see that as a battery (since that’s impossible).

Any ideas how to fix? Is this an issue with ZHA?


Just adding I have the same issue. It’s been like this for a while. I have 4 IKEA blinds and use an electrolama ZZH ZigBee stick.

I charged one of the batteries yesterday and it’s reporting 200%.

Ok, thanks for sharing. I wasn’t sure if I was alone here. They used to report fine last year.

Can confirm the same issue. I’ve just replaced a battery. Old one was normal from 100% down to 0%, the new battery is now reported at 180%. This must be a newly introduced bug in ZHA

@ashkaan you might want to make your thread title clearer. E.g. ZHA battery level above 100% (Ikea sensors)

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Thank you for confirming! Updated.