Battery life time for Aqara Sensors?

I am little surprised for the battery status of my AqaraOpen/Close window, Water leak and Multi sensors for Temperature/Humidity/Pressure.
After 4-5 months all of my sensors (approx 10) report min Battery Status at 91%. But a lot of them still at 98% or even 100% - specially Open/Close Door sensors and Water leak sensors.

So it seems they can be alive like 2 years min etc.
Is that confirmed?
Or do I have a general malfunction with the Deconz integration?


They last a long time in my experience

Maybe 18 months to 2 years!

I have multiple PIR’s, door/window sensors & Temp/humidity sensors

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I have lots of them already running more than a year. The battery indicator is not accurate.

It depends on sensor type: never changes batteries in door/window sensors and motion sensors (3.5 years now!). 2 years and more with original batteries on temp and humidity sensors. With replacement batteries, between 3 months and 1 year. You will need good batteries if you want the same duration (like energizer for example)

Like @makai says, depends on the quality of your battery. But they normally will run for 2 years like others say. Mine are also running for 5 months and they still are 95% :smiley: