Battery Management Apps

Hello Everyone!
I don’t post often, but I find myself looking for a tool, and I’m wondering if everyone has observed the same thing as I have, and how do they prove it to themselves…

Problem statements:

  1. I suspect that some of my sensors are consuming batteries quicker than they should.
  2. Some of my sensors consume batteries at an alarming rate when used with ZHA compared to using the SmartThings integration.
  3. I need a way to prove to myself that a sensor is “bad”, or that the ZHA integration is making them consume more power than the SmartThings integration.

My Question: How does everyone keep track of the frequency that they change their sensor batteries?
Right now I maintain a spreadsheet for my HA battery powered devices. I keep track of the date that I change the battery, the battery type/brand, Device type/brand. This helps me know how long batteries are lasting, but it’s clunky.

Is there an App for that? I’d like to know what my trends are, and maybe other metrics that might lead me to choosing better sensors, or better batteries.

So far I observe the following trends:

  1. Coin style batteries (CR2450) in contact sensors last 5 or less days when connected via the ZHA Integration.
  2. The same battery in the same sensor can last about 60 days when connected via the SmartThings Integration.
  3. If I use a contact sensor as a “vibration” sensor without it’s separate contact magnet attached, batteries tend to last for much shorter periods of time. (Like having a door open 100% of the time)
  4. CR2 batteries seem to have better life spans, but I’d like to prove that one integration is better than the other for power management.

Any advice or feedback is welcome!

Oh dear. Have you tried z2m?

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Which sensor is that? Because in the meanwhile I have contact sensors that are on a single battery for over a year. I use Aqara sensors.

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I have not tried z2m. I only have 1 of the Nortek HUSBZB-1 devices, and I’m thinking trying thez2m might be a time prohibitive project. Re-pairing every device in the house to try it, and then re-pairing every device to switch back. (Am I wrong in this assumption?)

As for the Sensors, they’re all SmartThings MultiPurpose Sensors. Some are the STS-MLT type, and others are the IM6001-MPP type. (1st gen, vs 2nd gen) When I use the SmartThings integration, I d get much better battery life.

Did I choose the wrong coordinator? I wanted on that would be capable of replacing SmartThings, having both Zigbee, and Z-Wave.

Have you updated the firmware?

Hi Nick,
I thought I did when I purchased it in October of 2021, but now that I re-read up on the procedure, and the potential requirement to update each of the 2 radios separately… I bet I didn’t, or I didn’t do both, or maybe I didn’t do it well.

I wish there was some clear documentation on doing the firmware upgrade, because I would try it. It seemed to be the only solution with both radios.

Well, I tried to upgrade the firmware, but it just wasn’t meant to be. I assign value to my time, so after spending 6 hours attempting to upgrade, I decided to try a different stick…. We’ll see if that helps.

My original question still stands, though… What is everyone using to track battery longevity?

Sorry to revive an old thread but how is the battery drain / battery life on the SmartThings Multipurpose sensors looking for you or others now? Mine are quite variable even with latest firmware and up to date HA and Z2M.