Battery monitoring integration

Some time ago some member of HA community made a “Low battery level detection & notification for all battery sensors” scheme for automation for Home Assistant.

Great work and really appreciacte his work but - there’s a problem. Many and many devices I use and encountered with report their “remaing power” in battieries WRONG. Some deviced might go offline while still having 50% of battery power, others while 30% and I even had devices which supposedly had %70 of power went offline due to discharge.

Well… seems like Zigbee devices and others doesn’t really report their remaining power too precise.

That’s why if we can’t rely on “power left” entity of device maybe we should take another approach.

If someone would be so kind to make scheme which detects the entities or devices which hadn’t changed it’s state since X amount of time. Of course this can vary - in case of thermometer there has to be at least one change in 24h. But in case of door open sensor it might be quite longer. But such scheme could be programmable for each device.

You get my point - if we can’t rely on device’s readings of battery power left then maybe we should check it by when it reported it’s state change last time.

Just thinking…