Battery power Zigbee Thermostat


Im looking for a battery powered device which I can put up on my wall to control my AC. I have everything setup in HASS already so basically I just need a device with a screen, touch controls or buttons to higher and lower temperature, I would also like that I could control what mode etc but just changing temperature would be enough.

I’ve found this device but I’m not sure if it can control and update data stored in my HASS, as the device needs to be able to update a “inputnumer” which triggers the temperature change for my AC. But on this device it seem that you can hook it up by wires from the back, which is not what im looking for

If there is any wifi powered device that can be integrated to HASS that can control that would be fine as well.

Kind reageras

I haven’t found one. If you can get a battery powered zigbee radiator valve why not a wall thermostat?

This one should work

Marked as supported in Z-Wave JS Config DB Browser

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face: I bought one from aliexpress that was garbage but this one looks promising, will try it out when its AC season again when I need it.