Battery powered irrigation valve

Hi Community,

I want to make my garden irrigation more smart and therefore I want to buy several wireless valves for watering plants, the lawn and the hedge all around our house. Because I have all several water outlets which I want to use and also to be flexible, I don’t want to have a central installation with wired valves somewhere below the lawn at the moment.

Battery powered valves would be the best, because I do not have sockets everywhere close to the water outlets.

Water flow rate or total water consumption measurement would be awesome, also to add logics with one oder more humidity sensors would be nice.

Which systems/valves are you using to implement in homeassistant?

Orbit bhyve and Gardena smart water I found here in some old threads that they have a well working intergration, but there are also a lot tuya/ZigBee/Bluetooth devices out there, which I can’t find, if they could be integrated to home assistant or not.