Battery-powered motion sensors will stop updating in HA after a while and become unavailable

With the help of the community, I would like to try to solve a problem that is full of various threads on the Internet.

Battery-powered motion sensors (firmware 20231009-064331/v2.2.1@1e8f2795) will stop updating in HA after a while and become unavailable. This happens even though the sensors have coiot and unicast set up correctly and are running purely on the 2.4GHz network.

In HA, logging is enabled showing that the device is not responding. However, the device still works and according to the integration manager, there is no error in the integration (according to the log).

Many mention a problem with the network, but no one solves how to diagnose such a problem. My HA (Home Assistant 2023.1.4) is installed on a Synology NAS, where it runs in docker and is connected to the network via a cable. However, according to other threads, other installations also have the problem.

In my opinion, the problem is in the HA itself or in the network settings.

Any suggestions on how to analyze the HA problem in the log, or how to solve the network problem?

I would expect some clue. This problem is such pain for many users.

Maybe you should tell the community what motion sensors you are talking about?

My battery-powered motion sensors from Hue and Homematic are working without problems.

Oh, I’m sorry. I tried to give a detailed description and forgot the main thing. It is shelly motion (1 and 2).

Many users have the same problem (with battery powered shelly), but others don’t. I’m trying to figure out what’s causing it, because it gives a solution that some of the others offer doesn’t work universally.

I found solution. It is necessary allow UDP port 5683 on firewall.