Battery-powered Z-Wave button that works with HASS?

I’m looking for a small battery-powered Z-Wave button (a simple ‘scene controller’). I don’t want to do electrical work in my apartment. Anyone know of any that work with HASS, preferably under $30?

I have a RF9500 and WA00Z-1 in use now. Looking for something smaller and cheaper.

I’m using these throughout my house, in fact, I have one attached by velcro to the wall in every room. You can control 4 or 8 scenes, depending on the mode you have it set in. 4 Buttons in one mode, and 8 in the other mode that allows Press and Press+Hold on each of the 4 buttons.

Using velcro allows them to be used as an on the wall switch as well as a handheld remote. Very small.

There is a V2 of this device, but it is over $40 dollars, while the V1 can use the V2 firmware for only $19, with all features. Literally the only difference between the two devices is the V2 does not have the numbers (1-4) on the buttons.

It is 1 inch by 4 inches

I have several Minimotes where I have multiple scenes I want to control, but I am also using several Amazon Dash buttons where I just need a simple toggle or a single scene to control. Not Zwave, but for $5 each (and sometimes less) they make an excellent control.

Yeah, I thought about the Dash buttons, but if you are using it for turning on lights or running scenes, you will be using more battery than it was originally designed for, since you only get 1000 clicks of the button before the battery dies and you have to either throw it out or crack it open to replace the battery. Just a lot more work and hassle for me in the long run for one single button. Still get a lot more bang for your buck with the Minimote I think. Besides, for the average person, hacking the Dash button to do something other than order a product from Amazon is a little more of a hassle.

More companies need to come out with some button options, I’m actually surprised at the limited selection there is for this purpose, though, there are some interesting DIYs using esp8266, so who knows whats coming down the pipeline :slight_smile:

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I agree about more inexpensive smart buttons. For me, there are places where the Minimote isn’t practical or totally overkill. For one, there isn’t an easy way to mount them, and even if I just velcro them to the wall, there may be 7 button positions that go wasted. If you don’t use a button position very often, it is hard to remember what they all do. I can just stick the Dash buttons in a convenient spot and have quick access to some light or scene. I picked som up on Prime Day for 99 cents. I’m not worried about replacing them if they die.

Just for future reference. One of my Dash buttons died just after my last post. I split the case and replaced the AAA battery. The latest ones use a standard alkaline battery that pops into a regular holder unlike earlier ones where the battery was spot welded in place. A couple of taps from box cutter blade split the case.

Yeah, I had heard that the v2 had a standard AAA battery, but I also heard that once you split the case you couldn’t get it to stay back together. I mean I am sure you can glue it back together, but then you’d have to crack the glue again when that one dies.

  1. How did you get it back together? Electrical tape or duct tape I guess would work too.

  2. How long did the one that died last? If it was at least a few months, depending on what it is being used for, I may still consider looking into getting a few.

The buttons are sonic welded so I cracked it open using a box cutter bladed to split it. A couple of very gentle taps was all it took. I used some clear packing tape to seal it up again. I may make something to mount some of them so they look more like light switches. The board is quite thin without the battery. I could adapt it to use coin batteries. The AAA battery lasted for 4 or 5 months. It is the one I use many times a day. When I checked the old battery, it still tested good but it didn’t work at all. The new battery made it all good.