Battery Siren that works with HA?


I’m looking to install a quiet outdoor siren that is triggered when motion is detected near my pond to scare of herons. I am sick of losing fish and this would be a cracking idea. I will use a aeotec sensor under a bird table and the siren under a bench…

All I can see are plug in sirens which I could get power sorted but would rather not have a waterproof socket under a bench.


I think what you want is a wifi / rf switch what HA will work with. Sonoff wifi switches are easy to integrate into HA.

You might consider a bluetooth / wifi speaker to HA media player. It might be loud enough and you could change the sounds.

There are a couple battery operated Z-Wave Sirens available, but hey are not weatherproof, the outdoor rated ones are AC powered with battery backup.

Here’s a couple of the cheaper ones, the first one I use and it works well.


Hi, I would like to know a zigbee battery siren compatible with homeassistant or (zigbee2mqtt).

Anyone can help me with this topic?