Battery-state-card & more-info

I recently installed the battery-state-card, and thought having the more-info option a nice addition. As the docs for the battery-state-card state it is pretty easy to make the call for more-info

tab_action: more-info

while the setup of the different entities with more-info statements does not fail to show the battery-state-card, none of the different entities within the battery-state-card offers any possibility to click on them and thereby also no more-info card/dialog is shown.

Searching for a solution for the problem I found this link here but can’t figure out where the files mentioned in the bottom should be located.

In addition I found a more-info card in HACS, and thought there might be a dependency between the battery-state-card and more-info card. But after installing the more-info card, battery-state-card has as much functionality as before.

Can someone explain to me how to get the more-info shown as result of a tab_action in battery-state-card?