Battery status with Google maps location tracker

It seems that battery status is now visible with google maps location sharing, it would be nice to have this available in home assistant.

Is this exposed as an attribute?

If so a template sensor can easily turn the attribute into a sensor.

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Not currently, I think the component needs to be updated.

Any progress or is the component development dead?

I am also interested in this speech

Same here, would love this.

In the latest locationsharinglib update i.e 3.0.2 battery level and charging status has been added. but Iā€™m not able to see the same in my home assistant sensor. is there any special configuration that i need to do ?

Can any one please help !!


Looks like the library was updated in HA with the following pull request, so I guess this should be arriving pretty soon.

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@Hitesh_Singh actually looks like it went live in the latest release I can battery it in my entities this morning :slight_smile:

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I have Google Maps Location history, 3 devices sharing location with main google account,
I can track devices and use it but cannot get the battery level

Are you on the latest 0.80 version of HA? The library was only updated recently. I can confirm that its working on the two devices I have set up on my system here.

Is it possible to have the battery % as sensor?

It is now that the battery status is reported;

  - platform: template
        friendly_name: 'Phone Battery'
        value_template: '{{states.device_tracker.google_maps_000000000000000000000.attributes.battery_level | round}}'
        unit_of_measurement: '%'

im on , 0,803 , and this is not yet working , no battery status so far for maps .