Battery storage: Any recommendations?

I am starting to plan to add a battery storage to my house.
As mentioned here, there are some battery power vendors with an API that is natively supported by Home Assistant, e.g. Tesla. Now my question is: Are there other battery storage vendors being supported natively by Home Assistant, others than Tesla? As far as I have read Tesla Powerwalls can only power a single phase in case of power outtage (I live in a house with 3-phase power installation). Any experienced users here who can recommend certain systems? I don’t want to mess around with coding too much as my time is very limited currently.
Thanks a bunch in advance!

I use BYD. Dont know about HA because I take all needed info from the inverter. Fronius Gen 24. Works flawless

Thanks for your quick answer man!
And how do you know the current state of the battery load capacity? Or don’t you care at all about it?
Does the Fronius have a local API? I forgot to mention that I don’t want a cloud based solution :slight_smile:

I’m waiting to see if these folk can bring a viable residential solution to market:

With a life of 30,000 cycles at 3 cycles a day solar battery economics starts to make a lot more sense.

Using the copious solar and energy data I collected with home assistant I found Lithium is just not viable for me. It would take twice the battery’s warranted cycle life just to break even.

Same as above, I have a BYD battery at home, connected to my SMA Sunny Tripower 10.0 SE. The native integration adds all the sensors that I need, current state of the battery (charging/discharging),state of charge, current consumption etc. All data loaded locally from the inverter itself