Battey state mobile phone strange changes

Hi everyone.

A few months ago I’d made some cards to see and some automations to send me a message through TelegramBot when the battery level was over 90, 95 and 99% AND the battery state is Charging, the same when battery level was low and state was discharging. That worked flawlessly. Very easy to do with the UI automations.
Since June 21st (last time the automation triggered) no longer recieved messages and whats more frustrating, I’ll go to the automation and reviewing this one, I choose battery state sensor and the options are only UNKNOWN or NOT AVAILABLE. there are no charging/discharging or ON/OFF options. So, when the automation checks the condition (that it’s battery state) it won’t trigger.
What’s more strange, when I go to the entities list in HA and check the battery state sensor and FFS it’s clearly giving me a Charging/Discharging message (I’ve tried to write it directly to the automation but doesn’t work, of course).
What’s more strange if possible, I have a card with the battery level and the state and in that card it appears clearly Charging or discharging.

Here are some pictures of that

In this last image (No disponible is NOT AVAILABLE and Desconegut is UNKNOWN

What I’ve tried:

  • Uninstalling the mobile app and rebooting HA, then reinstall
  • Deactivate and activate the sensor from the mobile app from HA
  • Creating a new automation (nothing because of the unknown / not available options)
  • Cleaning the cache, the data
  • Write directly in the state of automation Charging / Discharging (and non capital also tried)

What is happening? Anyone?
Thanks in advance

Well, well, well. So it seems that the entity that I was using is no longer used or something like this.
Now there’s a new entity or it has been changed or renamed or the old one was splitted or something similar…
The new entity is a binary sensor called: “binary.sensor.your_phone_name_is_charging”

Captura de pantalla 2023-08-06 104044
With this entity now there are the 2 options charging and discharging which are the ones that I’m using to know when the phone is charging or not.

So that’s it.