Battling to display a picture card

I have install HASS on a Raspberry file. When inserting a picture card, it defualts to the following image:

I wanted to use by own image but was not sure where to upload it to and then how to reference it.

Using HTTP - Home Assistant, I created a folder called www (using File editor) and rebooted the server. After that I uploaded a PNG file. However, when I try an reference it using /local/myimage.png or /local/www/myimage.png, I get a broken image link.

When I try browse to it directly (, I get a 404 error.

Ok, so when I was about to submit the ticket, I work out the issue. My file name contained a capital letter. And even though the reference containe the capital, it would not display. When I changed everything to lower case, it worked.

Thought I would leave the pst just in case someone else also had the issue.