Bauhn (Aldi) Smart Indoor Planter connected with localtuya

In case anyone else is looking to connect a ASIP-0622 Smart Indoor Planter (from Aldi) to Home Assistant through localtuya I thought I would post some info on how to get it setup property.

I already had localtuya integration setup in my Home Assistant but when I got the planter, that ran throug hthe Tuya Smart app, I wanted to see if I could also connect it up to Home Assistant for monitoring and turning on/off the light and water.
This is what the result is once I got it all setup: (There are still a few other properties I could add now that I have figured out how it works but I’ll get to that later)

The way that the tuya integration works is each device has a set of DPs (Data Points) which are represented by a number, this number is what gets set as the ID parameter when adding entities to localtuya.
After a bit of trial and error I was able to work out what most of the DPs relate to.
The main ones I have setup are:

  • ID: 1 Platform: switch = Power switch (Similar to the app power on/off of the device)
  • ID: 2 Platform: switch = Water pump, this will trigger the “manual watering” function similar to the app
  • ID: 3 Platform: light = This one I thought was the light but it’s actually the little green LED on the front of the planter :man_shrugging:
  • ID: 6 Platform: sensor = Current Temperature value
  • ID: 7 Platform: sensor = Current Humidity value
  • ID: 102 Platform: sensor = Current Fertility value
  • ID: 108 Platform: sensor = Current Illumination value
  • ID: 123 Platform: light = Grow light

The full list I have is:

    "dps": {
        "1": true, /* Power switch? */
        "2": false, /* Water pump */
        "3": true, /* Green LED on the front */
        "6": 19, /* Temperature value */
        "7": 9, /* humidity value */
        "10": 16, 
        "101": "0",
        "102": 74, /* Fertility value */
        "103": 16,
        "104": 1,
        "105": 7,
        "108": 14, /* Illumination value */
        "109": "1656120893",
        "110": 95,
        "111": 176,
        "112": 56, /* Stats Waterings */
        "113": 0,
        "114": "-28800",
        "116": true,
        "117": "20,30", /* Temp range */
        "118": "55,80", /* Humidity range */
        "119": "0,6000", /* Illumination range */
        "120": "50,2000", /* Fertility range */
        "121": 2865, /* Total Plant lighting param */
        "122": "0",
        "123": false /* Grow light */

Keen to hear from any others who have this Planter setup with their Home Assistant.


Thank you for sharing Damian, super appreciated!

Wonderful, thanks from me too.

I’ll give this a shot setting up tonight.

PS… This unit is a bit on the crap side hey? I’ve noticed the tank water sensor is broken (says “insufficient” on a full tank) and I’m suspicious the humidity (soil moisture?) sensor is rubbish too (mine has been maxed at out 98% for a while now).

But… I have heard that plants can do well with LED lights so I’ve got some kale and lettuce growing and hoping if the soil does dry out then the pump will kick back in.

I haven’t had that issue with the water tank, mine seems to only go to “insufficent” when it is actually low.
My humidity level is almost always too low (around 35%).
I do have the problem where it doesn’t automatically turn on the grow light which is what I thought it was meant to do so I have setup a schedule in HA for that :man_shrugging:

But yes the plants seem to be doing well enough which is the main point of it :sweat_smile:

My new Aldi planter also says insufficient water in the tank when it’s filled to over flowing.
Any one know how to fix this error please ?

Thanks a lot! Would you mind sharing how you set up multiple entities? My Local Tuya only shows one entity, DP 1 with type switch.

Using the UI to set it up is not super straight forward unfortunately.

Here are the rough steps I had to do to set them up.

  • Go through the wizard to add the new device (Set the local key, host, device id, etc.)
  • Then it will prompt you with the entity type selection what I did here is setup the first one as the main switch (id: 1)
  • Then once you submit that the next step is another Entity type selection, here make sure you uncheck the “Do not add any more entities” box. This will allow you to add more entities to the device.
  • Next one I did was Another switch for the water pump (id: 2)
  • Follow the same steps again to continue adding more entities, using my list in the first post (Set the grow light as a light type and the values ones as a sensor)

Hope that helps.

Yes, thanks! I did not uncheck “Do not add any more entities” at first but the second time around got the planter working! Thanks for the help!

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Thanks Damian, for the starting point on this.
I’ve now managed to get all the dps ids descriptions and added all to Home Assistant, via Local Tuya.

Just a couple of issues I’d like to share;

  1. Not sure how to best setup the Range ids (117,118,119,120) currently setup as a number
    with a min and max, but I don’t think this is right.
  2. Not sure what the water count (112) is used for?
  3. Not sure what Matrix (110) is used for?
  4. Not sure what Love value (111) is used for?
  5. Today’s date (109) and Planted date (114) are UNIX format, so Local Tuya can’t handle this yet?

Any guidance on these??

That’s great!

  1. Yeah I didn’t have a good solution for these ones either. I was thinking it could be done by using 2 different number helpers for min and max then having an automation that sets the actual entities when they got updated but I haven’t tried that yet.
  2. The water count is just a number that increments every time the watering is triggered. I guess so you can see how many times the plants get watered?
  3. Not sure on that one either
  4. Not sure on that one either
  5. You can reflect this to a template property with something like timestamp_custom('%a %d.%m') if you need to use it somewhere.

Hopefully a simple question, is anyone else experiencing issues with the sensor data consistency when trying to chart them? See the following Pic of the setup in Lovelace using Apex charts.

Temperature data has only ~8 samples, Illumination seems better, while Humidity and Fertility only received 3 samples with a 24 Hour window, are others experiencing similar data sampling rates?

can you buy these online? i dont have an aldi…

Sorry to jump in with a question adjacent to the topic but this is the only post I can find on the correct planter.

Does anyone know what the provided soluble fertilizer was? I’ve found my pet eating the soil. They are quit sick and might have been eating it for weeks. But I can’t find what the fertilizer was in any of the documentation.

Thanks for any info you can offer.


This was the fertiliser I got