Bayesian sensor, some more explanation please :)

Ok, I read the documentation and I surfed the web for a couple of days.
In any case I don’t have any idea about how to use the bayesian sensor for a “simple” task.

My idea:
Detect I am having lunch or dinner.

Given the fact that I will spend some time in the kitchen before eating food in the living room, I would like to detect that the motion sensor in the kitchen was active for “more than x” minutes, than the living room motion sensor starts and that kodi is playing. I am eating.

But if for example I am preparing pop corn before a movie I will spend some time in the kitchen, then moving in the living room and playing kodi in the same way.

The main difference I think it is that I never eat pop corn before having dinner, and it is usually in the time range from 12:30PM - 2PM and 7:30PM - 9PM.
I am unable to understand how I can set the time range in the bayesian sensor. It is not something like sun down or sum up. It is a range of time…

Any idea about how to add this?
thanks for reading, any idea is highly apreciated.

My strategy is in this thread - which I suggest you add to rather than creating a new thread (detached head :slight_smile: ) The new Bayesian Binary Sensor - Any additional examples?