BE469 Lock

I successfully paired a BE469 lock, but noticing some oddities, wondering if I did this right.

Log says, Received DoorLock report: DoorLock is Secured so that’s good.

For entities I have no power status, and everytime I unlock the door the message is always opened manually, not keypad or remote. I dug through a debug node on Node Red and saw the appropriate message in the payload but I’m not having any luck trying to filter them out.

Am I going all about this the right way?


Battery is reported on the zwave.[whatever] entity not on the lock entity. As for the message about last action it doesn’t seem to be 100% accurate. I have noticed it get stuck before and in that case I pull the batteries and then put them back. manually lock/unlock a couple times and things seem to start working again.

Yea i noticed all of a sudden it was working or the right unlock type. Is the battery entity something that can be added if its missing?

It isn’t “missing” just not part of the lock entity. If you go in to the dev states page or the zwave panel and find the zwave entity for the lock it will have the battery listed on that entity.

I see, is that a value I can call up in an entity card or node red flow?

For sure, just have to use the zwave entity or create a template sensor form the zwave sensor that just has the battery info.