Beacon MQTT [Android]

right I was so blunt in assuming your phone’s bluetooth doesnt require to be turned on as you approach the beacon as its already connected to e.g. rpi running HA.

great job, i love this app.
you can add gps coordinates in the message to track moving objects (example car

sorry for english, it’s not my language.

great app!
I’ve been using it for a week and it is working perfectly, the only test left to be done, is the mobile battery usage per day
my setup is:
mobile (Beacon app)->ESPHome (ibeacon)->HASSIO (automation)->ESPHome (actuator)
because I’m using different HASSIO instances for different locations, I would love to see a feature where I can choose the MQTT server according to the scanned UID
@Turbo thanks again for your effort

Thanks for your feedback, guys! It has a strong motivating effect.

Right now I’m working on v0.3. The main feature is TLS. Also some improvemens of UI/UX wil be done.

Please don’t ask me to make owntracks. It is done already and works perfectly. My project called Beacon MQTT. It will listen beacons and send messages to broker. I’ll work harder to make it the best.

@katsaplias nice idea. It can be useful for advanced users. I’ll open issue on github.

Thanks for your work on this app, I’ve been trying to use it for Room Detection with mixed results. Would it be possible to add RSSI or Proximity to the MQTT message? I currently get too many false positives to be reliable. For example, I’m sitting at my desk (not moving) and it detects the LR beacon then after a minute or 2 it says LR not detected.
Thanks again for sharing your work.

Winter Is Coming! Hmm … And that means, I have more time for my pet projects!

I pushed to play market small update for v0.2:

  • Connection status toasts will appear only on startup and after change settings of MQTT server
  • Fix IllegalStateException on startup on Android9+ Samsung devices

Ronald, have a nice day. If you are still with us.

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Hi Alex,

You have a nice day too!! Why would you think I’m not among you anymore?

Small question: would you consider adding HTTP(s) support instead of only MQTT support. I know Owntracks now also supports HTTP and this way I could make my MQTT server private again.

Ronald (still living :wink: )

@katsaplias, couple months ago I opened corresponding issue.

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@cyn, few days ago @philsson opened similar issue. Please attend to discussion

@rdehuyss I have to add HTTP(s) support. It would be done after multiserver mode. But I should be honest: I won’t do it soon

My current todo list for v0.3

New functions:

  • TLS support - Issue 20
  • Track params of beacon - Issue 26
  • Concurrent beacon mode - have some ideas, lets disscuss!

UI improvements:

Thank you very much, it works as I wanted: D

Hello guys! I’ve pushed v0.3 to Google Play last weekend. Unfortunately without TLS. It is so hard to implement for me. But I’m still working and it should be ready in 2019. :santa:

나는 지역 사회에 대한 질문이 있습니다. Google Play 통계에 따르면 많은 사용자가 한국인이라고합니다. 내가 한국어로 번역하는 것을 도와주고 싶은 사람이 있습니까? 말이 되나요? :rofl:

Many thanks to Ronald and Cyn. They helped me with English.

My current todo list for v0.4

New functions:

  • Add TLS support
  • Add checkbox for beacon-specific tracking
  • Add DnD time for vibtation


  • Bottom toolbar refactoring
    • Move “add beacon” to toolbar
    • Move server settings to toolbar
  • Push scanning of new beacons in backgroung
  • Add active and passive icons in notification area
  • Logs refactoring

@Turbo I just started using this app, and I love it!. My only concern is it is limited to 4 beacons, is that something that will change or is that a limitation of hardware?

Hi, James! Version 0.3 build 11 supports 10 beacons. You can install it from Google Play


Hi, I 5hink I know the answer to this question but does this app require my mqtt to be exposed to the internet? Otherwise how does it send the ‘not-home’ payload when I leave my home (and therefore am not connected to my home network)

As you pointed out, exposing MQTT on internet is the only way you can communicate with it.
You could try mixing with beacon transmission power (if doable) in order to recognize the “not found” event while still under your wifi in order to update the MQTT topic, but I think this could be so much prone to error

Yes, you are right. And TLS is not ready yet.

Ok thanks, could you help me with which ports to forward, is it just 1883 external to 1883 internal?

Edit: nevermind, opened that port and it’s working fine!

Is there anything else I should do to make it more secure or is that not possible until TLS is ready?