Beacon MQTT [Android]

Advice from me: discover the range of IP (or ranges) of your mobile provider and make strong filter on your home GW. It works for me and it looks more safe.

Does anybody interested in such solution: BLE to MQTT gateway mode?

Idea is very simple. BLE beacon can have some extra data fields. My app already has an infrastructure to process it. I can publish this data to predefined MQTT topic. It looks very useful for retransmitting some long-term telemetry from remote sites where you visit from time to time. Make sense?

Amazing work on this app. Question: whe I remove the mac address form the beacon definition it says invalid config. it says its an optional field ? The mac address keeps changing from the beacon (by design) so is there a way to not use it ?

Really, it looks like a bug. I’ll have a look.

Thanks. 1 more thing, is there any way to callibrate the distance … seems to be showing 1 meter when I am about 3 meters apart.

The distance also fluctuates when I am stationary. What could be causing that?

I also get a cannot connect message constantly on the phone when I am out of the house

The calibration should be done by beacon’s vendor. Adv packet contains the field which shows the level of signal on 1 meter distance. The library that a used does some calculations and gives me the distance which I show in UI. But I have some thinks about that. We can have our own per-beacon parameter in beacon’s database and use it for calculations instead of parameter from packet. I call this feature self calibration.

There are lots of causes of wrong distance. My advice: it isn’t measurement equipment like laser distance meter and you shouldn’t use distance as well measured value. It’s really bad idea.

App will reconnect to MQTT broker if connection fails. Try to switch off the WiFi on your phone when you are at home to be sure that issue is network related. Are you using any firewall apps on your gateway? It is the most likely cause.

so the cannot connect message didnt happen after that first time.
I havent had a chance to play with the beacon calibration but I am using a soft ibeacon app on an android tablet, and I see a callibration test on it, will give it a go.

Any word on the ability to define a beacon without the mac? Thanks.

As I’ve already said it is a bug. I have to fix it when I will have free time.

I’ve fixed it yesterday. Could you confirm that the behaviour is correct?

thank you so much I will test it out and get back to you

works very well thank you so much.

Not available on Google play:(

there is a apk to download on github:

Github Release

Good news: my pet is available on Google play again

Good news #2: I opened the source code. You are welcome!

Thanks for the great app!

Btw, I have a small question.

The beacon built into the doorbell of my home has a fixed major and minor value of 0, so I cannot use the Beacon MQTT app.

Could you consider update your app to recognize ‘0’ value of major and minor as a valid value?


Of course. Will do it soon.

Wow! Really appreciate for your quick response!

Have a great day!