Beacons disappear from ibeacon integration

Hi There,
8 Beacons which had been displayed normaly for about a week suddenly disappeared from the ibeacon integration and cant be found again even if the beacons are resetted or Home Assistant is restarted. I did not change anything in Home Assistant, It happened short time after I turned a new Minew S1 temperature / humidity Sensor on. Also I integrated two new bluetooth proxies (Atom Lite) short time before, but the beacons had still been displayed after that. 4 other beacons are still displayed (dont know what they are, I don’t use them, maybe from mobile phones of the family or a bluetooth sensor that acts as a beacon too) All disappeared beacons are Minew beacons and worked fine untill that moment. Bluetooth integration is present and running. To get more information I removed the bluetooth proxies, bluetooth is still provided over the Pi 3, I placed the beacons near th Pi. No Change, still no display of the missing beacons. Core Version is 22-10-5.


Did you find a fix for this? I’m struggling with the issue. Second time it happens. First time, I just removed the integration and added it again. Fixed!

But it just happened again :frowning: