Bearer Token IOS

When I access my camera feeds vis the IOS app, I et errors like these:

api_password is going to deprecate. You need to use a bearer token to access /api/camera_proxy/camera.ip_cam_2 from

I am not using the api_password and have nothing in advanced settings. It is like the app remembers old info. I have tried to reset the app and and that doesn’t help either.

Are you using HTTP Basic Auth by chance?

No, but at some point I may have had that filled in in the past.
It happens when I put a local ip as the main URL.
If I use a Nabu Casa URL I don’t get the error.

What is the solution for this problem? I am getting the same error and am getting failed logins. The app is on 1.5.1 and hass is 92.2. i turned off legacy authentication, and it’s not enabled in my config.yaml