Became Unavailable

Became Unavailable, I’m getting this a lot recently.


Not sure how to fix it? Most of my stuff is using DeConz, have done all the basic troubleshooting steps, firmware are up to date etc.

What can I do to resolve this?

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I’m using z-wave js (Z-WaveJStoMQTT 34.1) and I’m seeing the same thing (latest HA build), mostly when I have logging turned on it seems.

I’m thinking there are a lot of variables that could cause this.

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Improve your mesh, and some mains powered Zigbee devices.

I don’t think this has anything to do with zigbee or zwave. I’ve been seeing this quite a bit with wifi devices in my setup. My wifi is rock solid, I’m on it all day every day for work for wifi calling… It’s only been since I installed 12.10

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I would help the guessing if the OP would confirm what entity this is, on what radio.

got loads of powered zigbee devices, the mesh isn’t poor signal.

this particular example was a philips hue smart plug, but its not a single device, its across multiple products.

I’ve been seeing this quite a bit with wifi devices in my ha

Have you figured it out ?
I have a log of my WiFi devices doing that as well.
Even minecraft server status sensors from an addon.

But mostly devices being reached over WiFi.

i replaced the conbee II dongle for sonof 3.0 and moved to Zigbee2Mqtt , issue gone so far