Bedside Lamp 2 without Homekit [SOLVED]

Hi there!

I just bought a Yeelight / Xiaomi Bedside Lamp 2 and I managed to set it up as a Homekit accessory, but I wanted to do it manually.
For what I could understand from Home Assistant Integration description, I would have more control doing it manually, for example the nightlight mode.
So after I added it to my “configuration.yaml”, I got a new entity but it is unavailable!

Captura de Tela 2020-03-16 às 23.51.11

Can someone point me in the right direction, please?

[Solution edit]

I was missing the “LAN Control” that has to be enabled using the Yeelight app (

I assume you did this step in the ‘Initial Setup’?

BINGOOO!!! It worked!!
I was missing the “LAN Control” since I had configured the bedside lamp with the Mi Home app…
The Mi Home app do not have the option to enable it. I had to use the Yeelight app (!!

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Any special reason that I’m unable to set “All open” in “LAN Control”?
Have 2 Bedside Lamps 2 on 2.0.6_0041.

I am able to control them via HomeKit & via Alexa (they are set to homeland China).

I am having the same problem.
I have two of these bedside lamps2 in the lounge and can only control them via Alexa, but not via Homeassistant, as the LAN control in the Yeelight app for these lamps have gone with latest firmware update 2.0.6_0041.

I wonder if it is possible to downgrade firmware to these? :frowning:


Same problem here. After upgrading my bslamp2 to 2.0.6_0041 LAN control was blocked. Yeelight says it’s Xiaomi that instructed them to do so due to “security risks”. I think it’s BS and Yeelight shouldn’t have done this without a warning.
Not all to happy I whipped out my soldering iron and found the relevant places on the circuit board to extract the firmware with Esptool. It seems like Yeelight have removed/disabled LAN control from the FW, but unfortunately I’m not very familiar with the programming. Maybe there is someone a little more competent than me that can have a look at the code. If anyone has extracted any FW-versions prior to 2.0.6_0041 it can be flashed this way or we can compare the versions to activate LAN control. There is also a lot of other interesting programming(BT may possibly be activated?).

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In line with the title of the post - I ultimately managed to connect to these lamps via the HomeKit integration on HomeAssistant.
Although the lamps will NOT show in the Yeelight Integration, as they were when LAN control was available, it is still possible to use the Entities which the HomeKit integration create for the lamps and control them.

Just a tip if you haven’t seen it advertised; Yeelight has made a version 2.0.6_0042 with LAN control available for those who wants this, but you have to ask to be whitelisted on the Yeelight forum to get it…

Nah. It is not necessary for now. Thanks for the tip, though! :+1:

Hi @Giuseppe_Torres

Can you please explain the steps for the Bedside Lamp 2 from Homekit to Home Assistant.

Hope to hear soon,


Maybe I can help. I used the HomeKit Controller integration, which allows you to add HomeKit devices to Home Assistant.

To add it you’ll need to reset the lamp as the manual specifies which will remove it from your current HomeKit home and make it ready to be added to a new ‘Home’ in Home Assistant.

Follow the instructions from the link I posted and the lamp will show up as a multi colour light with temperature control.

Once added to HA you have to use the other HomeKit integration to expose your HA devices to HomeKit.

Hope this helps!


Can someone give a link for the app version 2.0.6_0042 or whichever version have LAN control please?

Sorry, I never downloaded the 042 firmware for this lamp. Everything before 041 should also give you the possibility of LAN control, but I’m not sure if the app allows it still. You should definitely go for Mmakaay’s firmware and never look back:

3.2.31 worked for me available from APK mirror

thanks, finally I managed to add the above custom esphome firmware, now everything is working local.

Is it just me or is it no longer possible to connect to the Bedside Lamp 2? The Lan Control function doesn’t appear, and if I use an older version of the app, it gives me a login error. What can I do?

use the xiaomi app to setup your lamp and then use MIIo integration in home assistant to set it up

What device type did you choose?
There was no auto-detection and no option for “mi bedside lamp 2”

Has anyone come right with adding one of these recently to HA? The Miio integration doesn’t support the bedside lamp v.2, the Yeelight app doesn’t authenticate with Xiaomi using v.3.2 of their app anymore, etc.

Any other suggestions?


edit: Nevermind, have just added it to HA using the HomeKit notification, making sure that it’s been removed from HomeKit first, and specifying the XXXX-XXXX underneath my device.