Been struggling for a good 4-5 days, and im getting there, just a couple small things I think you all could really help eaisly with

Hey everyone. I started with a bunch of tuya plugs and lights, did a tuya convert, had a ton of trouble getting everything to show up right in home assistant, but finally after so many resets and open tabs, I got basically everything showing up as a device.

I have 4 RGBWW bulbs on my fan above me, and I cant seem to just make them into a group, so I can control them all at once, I have to make a scene and select the on/off, brightness.color etc for each one…

I tried in the groups.yaml file to make a simple group, following some of the demo configs, and the documentation for groups, but the log screamed at me about how I did something wrong…

Can I use MQTT? to just send a command to all 4 of them if i want to change all 4?, how would I do that? If i wanted to make them a group how would I do that? I went in and did

entityid: fan light 1
entityid: fan light 1
entityid: fan light 1
entityid: fan light 1

seems simple enough… (they were 1-4, anc actually all have different names.

Also I have 3 WLED Strips. - They have a great way it seems to control them through:

“HTTP request API”

Is there any way to do this from home assistant? through MQTT? through node red? i searched addons for http, but im a noob, so i dont konw where to start.

If i cant do that, what the best way to control groups of things with mqtt, I koow its not hard, I just am not grasping the last bit of how mqtt works it seems.


use the platform group if you want to control all at once click here for an example
on light.yaml file just put this

  - platform: group
    name: Fan Lights
      - light 1
      - light 1
      - light 1
      - light 1