Beginner Homekit - Home Assistant questions

Hi All,

I’m super new to the Home Assistant world. I’m looking for some beginner guidance regarding Homekit. I’m an apple user having set up my whole house with Apple Homekit compatible devices (Aqara, Eve, Yeelight). Everything is already linked to the Aqara Bridge and my HomePod Mini. Now I want to control my devices in Home Assistant as well (due to the possiblities for automation Apple can not provide). Does this means I need to detach all my devices to their bridge and delete it from Homekit and Link them in Home Assistant? Or is there a way it can stay like this and control/show all my devices in Home Assistant?

Thanks in advance

I haven’t used it myself but I think HomeKit Controller might be what you’re looking for.

Thought so too, but the only problem is it says “No unpaired devices could be found”

From the docs:

Home Assistant can only find accessories that aren’t already paired. Even if you reset your Home Assistant configuration, the accessory will still think it is paired and you won’t be able to use it with Home Assistant. You should reset the accessory according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Some devices have a “Reset HomeKit” option, and some may require a full reset.

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