Beginner question - Autmation - KNX triggers KNX with delay

Hi there,
i would like to create a rule that:
If the KNX GA 2/0/6 switch from 0 to 1 a timer of 30 seconds should start and send the command to switch the KNX GA 1/1/51 to “off”.

Hope you can help me on this (it´s my second HA rule)…

Regards, Peter

Hi :wave:!
You can use a Knx Interface device trigger
and a delay in the action
to wait before calling the knx.send service

Keep in mind, that the run mode may abort/restart your automation while waiting for the delay when a trigger fires meanwhile.

thanks for your reply. Unfortunately the instruction in the video acts different to my shown option. At 1min 10sec the entity is selected. This is not available in my HA:

Use a different Action block.

You probably don’t want to trigger the counter.increment service (unless you want to increment a counter entity - which you don’t have any of). Use knx.send or whatever you want to trigger.

you saved my day!

Frankly speaking,- i like Home Assistant and enjoy the powerfull tools but the automation section is much more complicated compare to openhab. I hope it is like everywhere that step by step it getting more understandable. I watched a lot of videos and read the instructrions but i recognize that due to different versions many topics are not applicable or different now…

Thanks again for your patience :wink: