Beginner weather forecast Templating Help


I am currently trying to get an automation to do the following:

To trigger a TTS weather report in the morning when my motion sensor triggers.

I think I have the trigger sorted. I have integrated Openweathermap and need to work out how to use them in an automation. I gather I need to have some templating but am unsure how to do this. All I want really is a forecast for the day with the weather and temperatures.

Sorry for the novice questions but any help would be appreciated.


Post whatever you have created and we can help you modify it to meet your requirements.

All I have so far is the trigger. Which I can post but I use it for another automation and know it works. I’m more stuck with the template aspect. I’ve only just got my head around yaml. Sorry I realise this isn’t much help.

How are you planning to prevent it from reporting the weather every time motion is detected?