Beginner with supervised installation needs help -> No menu

Hello everyone,

i hope you can help me.
I am a beginner at linux/home assistant. I used HA OS a few months at my PI4 and enjoyed it very much.
Unfortunatelly i cound’t get a “optocam” to work at my pi4 at HA OS (GitHub - frankherchet/lk13bd-mqtt: MQTT client for a LK13BD three-phase meter).

So I decided to switch vom HA OS to Raspberry OS with HA supervised (the only reason so far is as I said the optocam).

I installed Raspberry OS and followed this tutorial step by step:

Everything went fine, until i created an new account and logged in for the first time.
I have no “configuration” menu, no “developer tools” and no “supervisor” at the left side.

Only “notifications” and “username”. At the top left side I have the common links like “map”, “overview”, etc.

I tried befor the first login to restore an old backup from HA OS. Was this an mistake? But it didnt work.

Maybe you can help me to get HA supervised running. I don’t understand why its running but without

Are you sure you installed supervised. There are instructions for all installation types on that page.

Thank you for your reply.

Yes, I am sure. The main tutorial at this page is for supervised.
In this tutorial it says “wget

This is what I installed.
Did everthing step by step.

Does configuration → info say supervised ?


I dont have the menu “configration” on the left side down.

Looks like you created a non-administrator user

Click on your name left under and enable advanced mode

Sounds like they are using mobile and have too much on the left menu.
Scroll down.

Thanks for your replys.
I can’t find “advanced mode”. When I scroll down there are only " Multi-factor Authentication Modules", " Refresh Tokens" and " Long-Lived Access Tokens".

No mobile, not to much and the left menu. Can’t scroll down at the left side menu.


And that is the only user you created ? Can’t you log in as the owner ?


I think yes, only one user. Is there a way to “reset” or delete the users? Something like “factory default”.

Start a new onboarding process

If you lose the password associated with the owner account and the steps above do not work to reset the password, the only way to resolve this is to delete all the authentication data. You do this by shutting down Home Assistant and deleting the following files from the .storage/ folder in your configuration folder:

  • auth
  • auth_provider.homeassistant
  • onboarding
  • hassio
  • cloud

Thank you all for your help.
I decided to make a clean new install at a new sd card. Now it seems I have a full functional home assistant supervised! Don’t know if my other sd card is corrupted or I made the mistake to try to load the snapshot before creating a new user.

As I sayed in my starting post, I used Home Assistant a few months long with HA OS. Of course this old installation was well configured with a lot of addons (grafana, influxdb, etc.).

Of course I have my old sd card with this installation here at my desk as backup. I made a snapshot this morning before I tried to get supervised to run and saved this snapshot, too. I now restored this snapshot with HA supervised. All integrations/devices/etc. are shown, so the backup worked well at this point. But all the addons etc. are gone?!? My thought was, that a snapshot restores EVERYTHING in HA?!

What can I do, to migrate my FULL HA from HA OS to HA supervised? As I sayed, I have now to separate SD Cards. One with HA OS and all data (now of course not insert in the PI) and another SD card now running with HA supervised with my restored snapshot, but without all the addons and configurations…

Would be nice if you could help me with this.
Thank you so much.

Got it on my own. A few restarts made them appearing at the left menu - but they were not able to run. I had to update them all one by one and now everything works fine.

Thank you guys for your support and help.