Beginners help

Hi have a AEON Z-wave stick, and going to change from Fibaro to Homeassistant.

But im stuck at energy metering, since I want a push when whaser is ready.
I have tried many diffrent solutions to my line…
You se 2 things from my list, and also one of my many tries in the picture

I want the power consumption to the washer current sensor.

I think the value_template you want here is something more like

{{ states.sensor.tvattmaskin_energy.attributes.power_consumption }}

If you click the image icon at lower-left in the HA front end, you can experiment with templates and see how they evaluate against the current states in your system. This will let you get the template right without having to repeatedly guess and restart HA.

Thanks ALOT!!!
No more frequently reboots :slight_smile:

Next thing, i would like a average consumption iver the last 2-3 minutes, How can I do that?
Since i already solved an average over the 6 latest power Reading.
But when the washer fineshed, it stays at 0 consumption and therefor it dont update the average, since no more date is inserted. The latest 6 Readings could be like, 18,17,22,21,23,0. And when it stays at 0 it wont be a new Reading and therefor the average wont drop down.

I would like the average to be a average over the latest 2minutes.
So if the average is 0 the latest 2 min i would know the washer is finished.

Kind regards

If what you want is to be notified when the reading is at 0 for two minutes, you don’t need to calculate the average, you should be able to do that with a normal numeric_state-triggered automation like this below. I can’t really think of an easy way to calculate the average if you really need to, but someone probably knows a way.

  - alias: 'Notify when washer done'
    id: 'washer_notify'
      platform: numeric_state
      entity_id: sensor.washer_current_power
      below: 1
        minutes: 2
      service: notify.notify
        message: 'Washer is finished'

That one i knew about.
But when My washer is ready it moves some Times.
So im not sure if idol be below x for 2min

I Will have to test it and see, i still think the nicest thing would be an average over time.

One more thing, i have got an timer now as Well…

At the end of washing it Will display the washing time.
But im not sure How to do it so that i see the time live…