Behringer Xair Mixer control on NSPanel with esphome

Hello everyone, I am new to this forum and this is my second HA to set up. My personal home is done, and I am setting up a small bar/lounge that I own with some fun things to try and make everything easy to manage in one place.
All of the lights are Philips WiZ lights(19 canless lights), and Zigbee Led strip controllers(3 of them), Frigate with 6 IP cameras(just for viewing quickly in same dashboard, I have a reliable NVR for recording) as well as an esphome decibel meter with inmp441 to track our noise levels to keep neighbor complaints to a minimum.

My Challenge:
I have a NSPanel US Single gang version, that is flashed with blackymas esphome ha blueprint
and a behringer Xair XR12 running inside homeassistant with

I am trying to get a fader control, or some kind of similar dimmer control entity for each mixer channel to display on the NSPanel on one of the button pages. In the blueprint, it does not allow me to select a number entity, which is what is used as the fader values for each channel on the mixer. It allows me to add lights, switches, scenes, locks, binary sensors, input booleans, etc but not number entities.

I need help thinking of how I can add a slider of some sort to control the number entity, essentially the fader number value. The most recent Behringer Mixer update allows the number entity to range from 0-1 OR 0-100.

Can someone please point me in the right direction?

Did you ask the Blueprint author if they thought it was worth adding. Do that have a spot for feature requests? Their github repo or the forum post perhaps?

You see those are the places that people that use the software are collected together. Here you might find an answer because the majority of the people reading this don’t have that BP in use.