Being able to force the default language

It appears the new localization feature uses the browser language to serve.
However, this may not always be desirable.
Even though I’m Dutch and have my desktop/phone set to Dutch, I’d prefer to have the interface to use English instead (also because Dutch strings are pretty long and make the interface look less nice on small display devices).

This doesn’t appear to be possible? It would be nice to be able to overrule this somehow.

You can select your prefered language under Configuration->General.

How silly of me for not looking there. Makes more sense than hardcoding it in the config files.

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Still I would like to see a setting in the configuration.yaml to set the language. In my browser I am loosing the language setting. And some labels are empty until I switch the language on the configuration screen.

What browser are you using?
Had the same problem with Firefox after update to Quantum. Theme and language not saved.
After “Refresh Firefox” in about:support the problems are gone.

For those that have Firefox and that the language doesn’t save even after the refresh. Go in options -> General -> Scroll down to “Language used by pages” and chose the language you want. Home Assistant should use that language.

Hi, I’m using Spanish as front end language. However, this is only for the front-end. If for example, I use ‘strftime()’ I get days and months strings in English. Is it possible to change this too?, like setting somehow the language for the phyton scripts? I’m asking because I have scripts with TTS to my Sonos in Spanish but time variables are only in English, and would be better if the string ‘Saturday’ could be ‘sábado’ directly because of the chosen language. Thanks!!

I know I could use something like:

locale.setlocale(local.LC_TIME, ‘es_ES’)

…before using strftime() But somehow, locale is not recognised.
Any ideas would be appreciated, thanks!

Yes. Please make it possible to force locale including time format. All timestamps are shown in 12-hour format on my Android O using Chrome including, logbook, history and graphs. Phone is set to 24-hour format, location Stockholm/Sweden, English.

I need a variable for that, I would like to force home assistant in English at start, and not make it depend on the browser language, it obviously doesn’t work with chrome (each time I open the UI it is in French and I have to set it in English again), and it is easier for me to have it in English like it always been.


There is no choose a language at my configurtion->general?


same for me. no language settings neither in general nor in users page. 0.79.3

Was struggling with this as well. The language is now set in your profile (go to /profile or click on your initial in the top right of the sidebar)

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Thanks, already found it :slight_smile:

This does not work for me. I change the language, log out, log in and have the old one again.
I have home-assistant 0.88.1

Did you change the language by clicking on your account icon on the very top of the HOME screen?
And then selecting your desired language under your account info?

I find that I have to do this every time a new update is installed, but then it sticks until the next update.

Yes, I use this approach and it looks like nothing is saved permanently, it works only for a browser session. When I finish the session (log out) - language settings are disposed.

The same problem with me also… Changing the language like crazy… Really don’t like it!!! I’d like to keep it English!!!

I will support, since I also need such an opportunity. This will greatly reduce the number of additional sensors and templates.

Where is it now?

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