Being stupid about... everything

can I be stupid for a moment and ask how you delete an automation that you created in the automation editor?
On the configuration/automations screen there is a + to create a new one, you can click on an existing one in the menu to edit, but there is no - button. If I use a text editor to delete the particular automation from the automation.yaml file, the configuration/automations screen still shows the task but it is empty when you edit it.

You can just delete the title and it will stay in list as New Automation until you edit it again… and turn it into your next automation… or manually edit the automations.yaml file and remove it there. But either way I had the same issue … I have since split up my config and now have to manually edit my automations so I kind of regret not doing more manually in the beginning… you’ll thank yourself later to learn to do it manually now…

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I agree with @Bartem.

Learn to do it manually now.

Actually, there might be some things you CAN’t do with the editor so learning to do it manually might be necessary for those.