Belkin SOUNDFORM CONNECT integration

I’ve juste received a Belkin SoundFrom Connect to add AirPlay 2 capability on my non connected speaker. I was wondering if it is possible to add the SoundForm to home assistant
My main idea is to have an automation, where when the sound form starts playing music, a smart switch connected only to the speaker would turn on and when the sound form is paused, the speaker would turn off.

Hi, Im in the exact same situation here… Did u figure out something ?

haven’t found any solution yet sadly.
I was hoping the HomePod mini integration would help but it is still not working for me on the HomePod and the belkin is not integrated at all for the moment

OK, Belkin Soundform works will with the Apple TV integration, but has to be manually added. I suspect a patch to the Apple TV integration could allow it to be auto-discovered, but that will have to be an exercise for someone else (happy to send my logs).

First, find out the MAC address of your device and assign it a static IP. My MAC is 10:2c:6b:75:70:00, and my router didn’t see a device name. I played some media through the owntone app and used lsof to determine what the MAC was on my network.

Once you have the static IP, add a new Apple TV integration, from the Integrations page. Select OK to the next prompt, and success, it’s added.




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OMG, you are a legend!
I’ll try it asap, but thank you very much already!

Something must be badly setup on my side, I now can’t add the Belkin device, nor can I add a HomePod mini (the HomePod is automatically detected but the integration fails)
I have set both devices to have a fixed IP address on my router.
Did you install anything extra before integrating?
I’ve seen some forum poste talking about forked-daap but wasn’t able to figure out how to install it…

I’m running HomeAssistant core and when they jumped to python 3.10 I did have to manually update the appletv integration. I do have forked-daap installed, but that is separate. It also communicates to airplay devices, and the two can’t communicate at the same time. The advantage of the HA integration is TTS. I don’t know if you can stream to multiple speakers through HA. If you can, it’s not intuitive in the GUI. I have forked-daap / owntone for multiroom audio.

So I was able to add my Belkin Soundform to Home Assistant via Apple TV integration thanks to @brianegge, but I get no data from the Soundform in Home Assistant.

All I see is this. There is only the single logbook entry even though I’ve paused and played and disconnected multiple times.

Do I need to have a HomeKit controller (Apple TV - I don’t have one) running in order for the SoundForm to pass info to Home Assistant? I was hoping to set up some HA automations so when someone stopped playing to the AirPlay, I could shut off the speakers.

I’ve never seen notifications from the Airplay devices go back to HomeAssistant. I have a HomeKit controller but that doesn’t help. Half of the time we Airplay from our phones to the speakers. The rest of the time it’s from HA or OwnTone. I’d like to have an automation to turn the amps on. Right now they are always on, but don’t draw a lot of power when idle. Some amps turn on/off when there is a signal, but that can result in not being able to play music at low volumes.

Okay, bummer. I was hoping that since I could see a status in the iOS Home app there would be a way to pass that back to HA.

For other people looking at this kind of thing, another option (and my original source) is a Pi running Shairport-Sync which makes it an Airplay server. I’m able to use the MQTT messages it broadcasts to then shut off the speakers after 2 min of not playing, which is really nice.

Figured out where the issue was with the HomePod mini integration not working. You have to go in your home settings in the apple home app and authorize access to speakers and TV…

Both the soundform connect and homepod mini are now integrated. homepod mini integration is working really well but soundform doesn’t display the status properly (it’s a known feature/issues)

Do you have something new on this topic. I would love to see some infos in HA for the AirPlay Adapter.
Especially if something ist playing right now to control the connected speakers.

I built a way to do this. Not super easy integration with HA, but the basics of monitoring play status are all there for more technical folks: GitHub - scosman/airplay-music-watcher: A golang service which can fire events when an airplay device starts or stops playing audio. Useful for home automation.